The Crochet World Collection 2001-2010



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  • The Crochet World Collection 2001-2010 cover
  • multi-colored hat
  • multi-colored flower jacket
  • pirate afghan
  • green and purple flower afghan
  • rose and heart doily
  • pink tank
  • purple shawl
  • multi-colored blanket and doll
  • red, white, and blue star pillows
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored flower afghans
  • multi-colored sweater
  • multi-colored flower afghan
  • pink and blue booties
  • blue ruffle rug
  • multi-colored flower shawl
  • multi-colored bag
  • pink beaded purse
  • multi-colored graduation mats
  • pink and yellow flip-flops
  • multi-colored tassel afghan
  • white purse with pink flower
  • pink pillowcase edgings
  • blue baby jacket
  • blue and purple sweater
  • blue and yellow sweatshirt
  • blue sweater
  • purple shirts
  • red, white, and blue star cap
  • multi-colored sweater
  • blue vest
  • multi-colored star rug
  • multi-colored flower shawl
  • multi-colored sweater
  • red and white earmuffs
  • multi-colored ponytail holder
  • pink shawl
  • pink and white baby doll outfit
  • pink and white dress
  • yellow and white flower bunny hat
  • pink sweater
  • multi-colored sweater
  • black and blue afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • pink pillow and tissue box holder
  • white and pink heart doily
  • pink hat and scarf
  • blue and pink sweater
  • multi-colored guitar blanket
  • nativity set
  • brown baby boy outfit

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Indulge your love of crochet with this collectible DVD -- it includes 10 YEARS of Crochet World magazine!

You'll get every single pattern, stitch, article and tip -- in its entirety! This single computer disc gives you more than 1,500 patterns (60 full-color issues, plus 2 newsstand-only specials). And the PDF format (requires free Adobe Reader®) makes it EASY to search and find just the pattern you want. Order your slice of crochet history today!

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Reviews for The Crochet World Collection 2001-2010
5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Dianne from Bourbon, IN on Nov 04, 2013
This is one go-to CD that I have used more than I ever dreamed I would. So many great patterns and there is something for every person on your gift list, no matter how hard they may be to buy for. Every pattern is well written and gives inspiration to try it. This is one product you won't regret buying, and will use it for many, many patterns. One of my favorite crochet possessions!
Beulah Starr from N/A on May 01, 2013
I have this book and have made many scarves, hats etc and given to breast cancer survivoris. It is an excellent book. You can't go wrong when you buy a copy of this book.
Linda Myers from N/A on Mar 24, 2013
Words can't describe how delighted I am with my purchase of "The Crochet World Collection 2001-2010"! Besides being filled with all the patterns I love, I've been able to add these pdfs to my tablet so I'm ready and able to crochet and even take my project with me where ever I go(depending on it's size). I absolutely LOVE this and it was well worth the money I spent. I have been a subscriber of the Crochet World magazine for awhile and now I have all my issues at my digital fingertip. Thanks!!
Kathy Richard from N/A on Mar 24, 2013
I have been crocheting for for 59 years. If you love to crochet this is the DVD for you. All the old patterns you have been looking for and cannot find anywhere else are probably on this DVD. Plus, there are probably a few new ideas there. I am sending this to all those I know love to crochet...I hope to add it to my collection of patterns soon. Get those crochet hooks out girls and guys and crochet to your hearts content!
Nadine Visscher from N/A on Mar 04, 2013
I just love this CD. I'm not a sweater or doily fan, I'm more of an afghan kind of girl. There is such a nice variety of patterns on this CD, though, that this collection of patterns will appeal to anyone.
Jackie Wetzel from N/A on Feb 04, 2013
I think its amazing! I love it! I will refer to any of my friends!