Surprise Crochet Sweaters For Baby

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If you are a fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman's classic knitted Baby Surprise Jacket, then you will love the crochet baby jacket version created by Darla Sims. This classic baby jacket design receives an upscale look with the several  design options available when you purchase the pattern booklet. The Surprise Sweater style works well for both boys and girls. The extra bonus is the options included to add stripes, ruffles, a hood, collar or other sweet details that fit the personality of the baby this lovely jacket will adorn. The Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby lets you be creative and have fun with making a sweet sweater for a special baby.

Like the original Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket, this crochet version is worked in one easy piece. The large crochet piece takes on a jacket shape by folding it and then stitching the arm and side seams. The 8 darling baby jackets in this pattern booklet are the Basic Sweater, Hooded Sweater, Ruffled Sweater, Bobbled Sweater, Picot Sweater, Ribbed Collar Sweater, V-Neck Sweater, and Basic Buttoned Sweater. Each style is a baby cardigan or baby jacket style with buttons or a tie to close the front placket. The Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby is available in crochet sizes 6-, 12-, and 24-months and uses a medium weight yarn. The 36-page pattern booklet walks you through the steps to make each of these lovely patterns. The color changes and detailed variations make this pattern a good option for an intermediate crochet level.

Reviews for Surprise Crochet Sweaters For Baby
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Connie from TN on Jul 02, 2014
I have to say this is my favorite book. I have made so many of the sweaters I have lost count. I make them and keep some in my car to give them to any little one I see without a sweater. I see them all over when it is chilly, love it they are so cute. Any way back to the book easiest pattern to use and works up so fast. If you are going to get a book get this one, it is great.
Teri from Raleigh, NC on Mar 12, 2014
Just wanted to write a quick review for the book of patterns. I just started crocheting a year ago and found this book easy to follow. The directions were simple as are the patterns. You can dress them up with ruffles and such or change colors but the basic pattern for the sweaters remains the same. The part that I really liked was that the sweaters are made as a whole garment and not pieced together in sections. You do have to sew a "seam" across the shoulders of the sweater but that is it. I really liked how the sweaters come together.