Starbella Arctic Yarn

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  • Starbella Arctic Yarn
  • Starbella Arctic Yarn

Watch Maggie review these beautiful colors! ) name="allowFullScreen" value="true">Starbella Arctic is the next step in ruffle scarves! This yarn is a net yarn, that has a cozy ruffle added to the bottom to create a warm cuddly scarf. The sophisticated colors are perfect for scarves for a dressy evening or to be added to any knit or crochet project.


Reviews for Starbella Arctic
4 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Wendy from Croydon Kempton Park South Africa on Mar 01, 2014
I love your 3 minutes Starbella Arctic Hand Chained Ruffled Scarf.
It's Beautiful.
ceci sprites from jefferson hills PA on Nov 03, 2013
HI, I made this scarf in pink and black following your directions and everyone loves it, especially with colder weather coming. very easy to make thanks for your website.
Elane from Midwest on Oct 23, 2013
Following Maggie's easy Youtube directions, I just made my first scarf with this yarn. Although it turned out great, I was covered head to toe with fuzz from the cozy chenille ruffle, including up my nose and in my mouth. Is there a solution or is this just something to deal with if I continue using this product?
Thank you.
Response from Maggie's Crochet
Nov 13, 2013
Hi Elane,
Thank you for leaving a review. Unfortunately that is the nature of this type of yarn, the fuzz will come off on some surfaces including skin on occasion. I hope this information helps you out!