Snappy Wraps to Crochet

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  • Snappy Wraps to Crochet cover
  • Snappy Wraps to Crochet back cover
  • purple shawl
  • pink shawl


Snappy Wraps to Crochet LA4590 - Summertime, and the living is breezy! These warm-weather accessories are so soft and light, you'll almost forget you're wearing them. All four designs — three lacy short ponchos and a triangular shawl — were crocheted with satiny yarns. The ponchos are each worked in one piece circularly from the top down. The colors are reminiscent of saltwater taffy and butter mints, but these little treats would look just as lovely in patriotic hues of red, white, and blue. So when the mercury rises, reach for your summertime poncho. You'll look cool and carefree in your own lacy creation.

Reviews for Snappy Wraps to Crochet
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Annette Du Toit from N/A on Nov 05, 2012
I love these patterns, I am living in South Africa and it is impossible for me to pay in dollars, and therefore I am not able to buy these stunning pattern, if there is any other way for me to receive these patterns please let me know, as I really would like to crochet these Wraps for myself.