Shower of Cables

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  • white braided cable
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When it's time to prepare a gift for a new arrival, you want to be able to give something truly special. That's why Karen Ratto-Whooley created these exceptional baby blankets. Not just another set of afghans for little ones, these designs offer a delightful variety of cables to crochet in light or medium weight yarn. When crocheted from one of Karen's patterns, your baby gift is sure to be greeted with plenty of "oohs" and "aahs."
6 crochet baby afghans for intermediate skill level: Soft Cables, Striped Cables, Aran Cables, Braided Cables, Celtic Cables, and Diamond Cables.

Reviews for Shower of Cables
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Cynthia Peterson from N/A on Mar 14, 2013
I must admit to being a little nervous when I started my first afghan from this book. Cables are definitely challenging, and you do need to pay close attention to the pattern at first Having said that, once you understand how crocheting cables work, they are not difficult to do, and provide gorgeous results. These patterns are written so clearly that I soon found I had memorized the pattern repeat and breezed through the afghan. I have made two of the patterns so far and have started on a third one.