Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern

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  • scrap granny hooded jacket crochet pattern
  • brown and multicolor hooded jacket

Watch Maggie review this beautiful Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket!

Original Crochet Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Medium/Large (36″-40″) and Extra Large (42″-46″)

For this crochet pattern, you will need:

Materials: Yarn Needle; Worsted Weight Yarn ;
Brown (MC): 21 oz, 1200 yds; Small amounts Scrap Colors.

Crochet Hook: Size G-6 (4.00 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern

Granny squares are not limited to just crochet Afghans. Check out the Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern and you will fall in love with this creative garment. Granny squares make a fashionable statement with their stylish square shape. The scrap colors and simple granny square design come together in a combination for a unique addition for your wardrobe. Granny squares are commonly made with scraps, so you can either use up some of those extra balls of yarn you have stashed away. If scrap colors aren't your style, then choose a distinctive color combination that appeals to you. There are no limits when it comes to the colors chosen for the Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern. Get your creative juices flowing and start making this fun garment.

The Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern is an easy crochet project that any skill level can construct. When you are ready to tackle your first garment, this is a great choice to get your started. Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket pattern uses worsted-weight yarn. Pull out all your extra balls and start making squares that you will eventually sew together for the jacket. Scrap projects are a fun way to explore color combinations that you might not have tried before. The jacket has the added bonus of a hood, which is also made of these simple granny squares. Granny squares are notorious for stitching up quickly and easy to take with you, making this project great for travel. In no time you will have a new jacket to wear. 


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4.8 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
Kat Avendano from California on Dec 18, 2015
I will start off by saying that I am huge fan of Maggie's Crochet patterns. I started off making her afghans and this is the second coat pattern of hers that I have made. I have to say that I was highly disappointed with this pattern, especially considering the cost. The biggest pros of this pattern were the end product (I absolutely love this coat and get tons of compliments on it) and the customer service always responded promptly to my questions.

Now let me get to the problems I had with this pattern. For a pattern that costs this much I would have liked to have more pictures to guide me. The pattern did not even include a picture of the back of the coat, which would have been very helpful for hood placement. The directions for making the squares were well written and easy to follow, but I encountered several problems when it came to constructing the coat. As mentioned before there were no pictures of the coat from different angles to use as a reference point. There is a crude diagram for coat layout but no written directions of guidance for how to combine pieces or which order to sew piece together. The pattern also offers no guidance on which methods to use to sew the pieces together, such as whip stitch or something else. After contacting customer service I was sent a document that had more instructions on how to construct the coat, it would have been nice if this was included with the original pattern. I also read on some other reviews that there was a video about hood placement, this video is not mentioned in the pattern I received, nor was I ever given a link to it when I contacted customer service for help. If there is a video, a link to it in the pattern would have been great to have.

To sum up, when I spend $8 plus on a pattern I expect a lot more than than what this pattern offered. I consider myself an advanced crocheter and I still had trouble filling in the holes in this pattern without having to contact customer service for assistance. The pattern is rated as "easy" but I do not think a beginner crocheter could complete the pattern without additional assistance.

I am still a faithful fan of Maggie's Crochet patterns, but I have to say that this particular pattern really disappointed me, hence my need to have to review it on here.
Katy M from Home on Nov 30, 2014
I love this. I haven't purchased it yet (no funds, limited income,) but will in the near future.
Becca from Northcentral Wisconsin on Nov 26, 2014
This pattern has caught my eye for quite some time. I finally bought it--I've never crocheted a sweater/jacket before, so I was a little bit intimidated. I am glad I took the risk! I completed the jacket a few days ago and had minimal problems following the pattern. Watching the video for hood placement would have helped more if I would have watched it while I was making it. I love how it turned out! The sleeves are a bit long (I rolled them up as someone else suggested) and the hood is large but I roll back the edging when the hood is up. Overall I'm very pleased with the jacket and extremely happy to find out it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! And I plan to make more. I did mine in soft navy with lemon, turqua and banana berry (Red Heart super saver). Lots of compliments. Thanks, Maggie!
Vickie from Arrington, VA. on May 21, 2014
I am working on this jacket right now, but as someone else wrote earlier, if you're making the larger size using 3 squares for the sleeves will be entirely too long. I learned this after I had attached one sleeve, then tried it on only to discover it hung down a good 8 inches or so below my fingertips. Had to frog the entire sleeve all the way back to where I could remove one square and then do it all over with just the 2 squares. I didn't put the hood on either because it looked like it would be enormous, and really I'm not that fond of hoods anyway.
Julie Allen from United States on May 04, 2014
I finally made this jacket. It took me a couple months to decide to buy it and then even more months to decide what colors to to use. I ended up going with easter colors and making a dull blue as the jacket color. I used 4 skeins of 4 different colors of 355 yards each for the squares and 4 skeins of the blue for the jacket. I had just the right amount of yarn. I used "Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. It made my jacket soooo soft. I might add some buttons tho. Everybody loved it as well.
Valerie sanns from Huntington, Wv on Mar 04, 2014
I absolutely adore this pattern! Granny squares are the cutest touch to anything crochet. Maggie's patterns are very easy to read and enjoy!! I've seen this pattern pinned on Pinterest several times. Well worth looking at for beginner crocheter or an expert. Love it! Check out everything Maggie has to offer. So many cute patterns and you can even stop by and buy the supplies you need. One stop shop!!
Diane from Streamwood , Illinois on Oct 06, 2013
My aunt had this pattern,said she never got to making it. I took decided to try it out and see how it was. It was a very easy pattern to follow. I wear it a lot in the cold weather. Sometimes even as a coat if its not too cold out. I think everyone should try making it. I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Sheila Johnson from N/A on Apr 24, 2013
Of all the Maggie's patterns I've enjoyed, this is my favorite. I made each square a different color combination, and used black as my main color to join them all with. The jacket is warm and sturdy, and can literally be worn with anything, and everyone loves it. I got a lot of pleasure from making the squares and planning how I'd position them, and the pattern was extremely well-written. I'd recommend it to anyone; even a beginner could manage it. Great job!
Ruth Hunter from N/A on Apr 04, 2013
great pattern - have made 2 without the hood and a bog collaar instead
JL Spencer from N/A on Mar 25, 2013
I just finished making this coat and it's wonderful! I used worsted weight acrylic and it really is a coat with that kind of yarn--weighty and warm. The construction is very nice and it will allow you to make modifications to fit any size. One caveat--if you are making a larger size you may want to only use TWO squares for the arms. I used three and the sleeves are about 1 square too long. I just roll them up. Also, the hood is very large on the larger size. You might want to make the squares for the hood one round smaller than all the rest. But these things are easy to do with this well written pattern. I plan on making this jacket again with a lighter weight yarn and omitting the hood.
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