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Putting a pair of delicate crochet slippers on your feet is a great way to bring energy to your feet so they feel graceful and light. The pretty slipper options found in the Savannah Slippers pattern are an indispensable footwear for casual wear at home. A cut above traditional crocheted house slippers, Savannah Slipper shoes feature a thick, flat sole with fashionable uppers. These slippers are more than just pretty on the outside, they will have your feet screaming comfort when you put them on. Savannah Slippers have the look and shape of ballet slippers, with the option to put on a Mary Jane strap or criss-cross strap over the top of the foot. These crochet design elements add style that you don't often find in crochet slippers.

Savannah Slippers patter book includes instructions for the three slipper styles shown. You can choose any color combination that fits your personal color palette. The great part is that you can make several slippers and each will have a different look depending on the color and style you choose. The pretty details and options in the slippers make this an intermediate crochet level pattern. If you have confidence with your crochet skills, don't hesitate to make these pretty slippers. They will look and feel good on your feet whenever you wear them. Savannah Slippers are available in youth sizes 10 and 12, and adult sizes 2 through 12. Adjustments are available for narrow, medium and wide foot widths. Stitch markers help you make these shoes with minimal counting. 

Size 10 youth (12 youth, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) in narrow, medium and wide

Skill level: Intermediate


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