Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls

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Picture of Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls
  • Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls cover
  • black, white, and red stripe shawl
  • yellow shawl
  • blue shawl
  • purple shawl
  • brown shawl
  • pink and yellow shawl

This book is perfect for those who love to crochet and know that nothing is as soothing or calming as the gentle touch of yarn as it glides through fingers. Thoughts often turn to family and friends especially if creating a gift for them. It is natural to softly breathe a prayer while stitching along. Crochet a gift of love and compassion with these 8 quick and easy prayer shawls. Special prayers and scriptures are included for each design and a history of how prayer shawls came to be. Plus a page of gift tags to include when given as gifts!

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