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  • Quick-Stitch Crochet book cover
  • yellow crochet flower and dishcloth
  • multi-colored crochet table mat and coaster
  • green crochet rug
  • green crochet remote holder
  • white crochet flower vase
  • multi-colored crochet dog and cat
  • multi-colored crochet clothes hangers
  • white and green crochet heart note holder
  • brown and white crochet pot holders
  • multi-colored crochet blanket
  • multi-colored crochet blanket
  • multi-colored crochet blanket
  • pink crochet blanket
  • purple crochet shawl
  • green crochet earrings and necklace
  • multi-colored crochet hat and hand wraps
  • brown and blue crochet shoes
  • multi-colored crochet dishcloths
  • white and blue crochet baby blanket
  • yellow crochet child's shirt
  • multi-colored crochet child's over-jacket
  • white crochet jar covers
  • multi-colored  flower crochet bag holder
  • green, red, and brown crochet afghan
  • orange crochet hat and tote
  • pink and green flower crochet hat, scarf, and hand wraps



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Do you love to crochet but rarely have the time to finish projects? If this is the case, or you just want a faster way to crochet, check out the Quick-Stitch Crochet book. You will find an exciting collection of patterns that are fast and fun to stitch. Appealing pattern selections included in this book are home decor, accessories and fashions in a wide variety of stitches, techniques, yarns and color palettes. Quick-Stitch Crochet is 176 pages that includes everything you need to crochet sweaters, home items and accessories in less time. You no longer have to worry about a pile of unfinished projects once learning this quick crochet method.

Quick-Stitch Crochet is for today's busy crafter with a passion for crochet. Patterns included in this book range from an easy crochet to intermediate crochet level. So whether you are just beginning with crochet, or at a more advanced level, there are project in this book for you to easily create. Who wouldn't want to make fantastic crochet items in less time? Even large projects like a crochet afghan will come together quickly. The Quick-Stitch technique results in soft and cuddly items, and most people will think you spent a long time hand making each pattern. The next time someone asks you to make a crochet item at the last minute, pull out this book and find the best pattern to fit your needs. The Quick-Stitch Crochet book is a must have for your crochet library if you like to crochet.

Over 75 quick projects in this book!

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

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Reviews for Quick-Stitch Crochet
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Karen Johnson from Grabill Indiana on Dec 14, 2013
I purchased the "Quick Stitch" book last year. I went to visit my mom and aunt, who are 50 yr knit and crochet veterans. My aunt loves the book so much.. She likes the fact that it has in her words "Soup to Nuts"!!, she could not get over the quality of the book.I told her I got it 1/2 price,that really impressed her and she does not easily impress. She really liked the pattern for the cozy for oxygen tanks. My mom needs oxygen so I thought cool my auntie will make her some.
Well you will never guess what happened, (or maybe you will).. when I got home my mom called to let me know my aunt tossed her the book and said "here ya go you need to make you some of these!!
Of course that cracked me up.. So typical of my aunt!!
Caren Surber from NC on Nov 04, 2013
I bought this book because of the afghan on the front, but there are so many patterns in it that I want to try. I love the afghan, because as a new chrocheter, it teaches me so many different stitches. It is easy to read and follow and I love learning new stitches. This was the perfect book for me as a beginner.
Thank you,
KarenJohnson from Grabill Indiana on Oct 21, 2013
The first time I saw the Quick Stitch Crochet Book I fell in love with it.
Then when it was 1/2 price last time I decided to get it. I was so impressed at the quality of the book. I was downright surprised. It is a steal and I would buy it again at regular price.
The patterns are varied enough to challenge a and build crochet skills. The patterns are easy to understand. Everything in the book can be used for home, gifts or taken to craft sales. They are unique. They are things that can be completed in short amounts of time. As gifts go, I can give friends and family something more than the traditional dishcloth or hot pad. The book has brought me to a whole other dimension in gift giving and my family is excited to see what they are going to get next..
All the patterns and supplies are very affordable fits great in my gift giving budget.
I appreciate Maggie for reaching out and including other items on the site besides just your personal patterns.
(Which I will write reviews on later.) At $9.95 sale price I am going to get several for gifts this year. I do not believe a gift of this quality for $10 is available anywhere. I have some secret friend functions during the Holidays and there is a $10 limit. It is no longer hard to find a great gift for 10 bucks on your site. I have even purchased some of your patterns and bought the material for the person to make it. Your free patterns have made great gifts because I can afford to purchase the material as part of the gift also.
Thank you for your American business spirit!! God Bless and keep you and yours.

Darlene Smith from N/A on Feb 23, 2013
This is a great book. The patterns are easy to do and to read. I made several items and they were fun to do. I wish there were more books like this. I would certainly buy them. It would be a great investment as there are so many different things to make, not only for yourself but make great gifts.