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Playtime Jackets

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Dress your toddler in style with a pretty jacket that matches her outfit. The Playtime Jackets crochet  pattern booklet features four toddler jackets and one little vest, all with cute motif embellishments. Make a Monkey crochet sweater for a wee one whose antics make you smile. Stitch a classic Bead Toy applique to a shoulder-button cardigan. Fairy Tale Forest is an imaginative design with ruffles and mushroom appliques, while Ice Cream is an extra-sweet confection in Neapolitan colors. And which would you crochet first for Breakfast on the Farm, the chicken or the eggs? With this many cute crochet sweater designs, it might be hard to choose the first one to make.

Playtime Jackets is a cute child's crochet pattern that offers variety for your child. Each delightful pattern is sized for 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. These five crochet designs by Holly Fields use a variety of yarns and threads, making the pattern suitable for Intermediate and Experienced crochet skill levels. Use the recommended yarn colors for these sweet children crochet designs, or add creativity and use colors that fit your child's personality. There are no rules when it comes to choosing colors for the Playtime Jackets. Using a variety of color combinations means you can make multiple jackets using the same pattern. A closet full of crochet jackets will keep your child warm all year long. Playtime Jackets aren't just for your child, these delightful designs also make a great gift any toddler you know. Have fun with the five crochet designs.

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