Our Best Baby Afghans

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  • Our Best Baby Afghans cover
  • blue and white daisy afghan
  • white and red afghan
  • multi-colored flower afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • blue flower afghan
  • pink and white tassel afghan
  • pink heart afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • purple afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • yellow and blue afghans
  • red and white square afghan
  • blue ruffle afghan
  • green and white afghan
  • blue ruffle afghan


Our Best Baby Afghans LA2853 - Over 50 Afghans!!!

 You'll love this wonderful collection of favorite Leisure Arts baby afghans, with a variety of styles and colors. Each one of these 54 cover-ups includes step-by-step instructions and radiant full-color photography so you can be confident of success. Patterns included: Enchanting Diamonds, Pretty Posies, Gingham Checks, Blue Sky, Granny's Love, Perrermint Wrapper, Ruffles All Around, Cozy Whisper, Cuddletime, Blossoms, Diamond Trellis, Daisies for Baby, Ruffles & Ribbons, Field of Flowers, Cheery Stripes, Granny's Girl, Rock-A-Bye Rainsong, Lacy Ripples, Hugs & Kisses, Sweet Softness, Rolling Ripples, Easter Mile-A-Minute, Hearts and Bows, Simply Beautiful, Bubbly Ripples, Downy Soft Zigzags, Lacy Granny, Puff Parade, Itsy Bitsy Spiderweb, Gentle Caress, Wee Irish Chain, So Huggable, Woven Stripes, Gentle Waves, Miles of Shells, Rainbow Ripples, Pretty Diamonds, Flower Garland, Lullaby Shells, Honeycomb Wrap, Fenced in Daisy, Flirty Ruffles, Granny Hearts, Dainty Delight, Baby-Soft Ripples, Welcome Home, Pastel Waves, Petal Stripes, Twirling Pinwheels, Posy Patch, Pastel Panels, Soft and Wonderful, Cloud-Soft Shells, Bathed in Bubbles and Dreamy Inspiration.


Reviews for Our Best Baby Afghans
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Anna j. from Springfield on Mar 01, 2014
I was looking for new baby afghan patterns & thought i'd give this book a try. WOW! I love it! The patterns are easy to understand, simple& the pictures are very nice! I finished one of the patterns in 2&1/2 weeks! Thats a first for me but it was because it was easy! Thanks Maggie for having this book available.
Sherri Kessler from N/A on Mar 25, 2013
I simply love this book! I have owned this book for more years than I can remember. It is my go to book when I have a brain freeze at making an afghan for someone. You will find that these patterns are easily adaptable into making larger sizes for adults, I use this book for all ages and have made several patterns from this book. This is a must add to your collection!
Teresa Puleo from N/A on Mar 06, 2012
You get 54 afghan patterns in this book. It's copyright is 1966 and I've owned it for at least 15 years. It is my GOTO book when I want to whip up a baby afghan. The novice and the veteran crocheter alike, will love this book for it's easy to follow instructions and the finished product photos.
Cynthia Peterson from N/A on Jun 17, 2009
This is a wonderful book, full of a variety of designs suitable for boys and girls. I like the variety and the variation in difficulty level, although none are hard to make. My copy is so well used I may have to buy a new one!