Oh Baby! Crochet

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  • Oh Baby! Crochet cover
  • purple dress
  • purple and green butterfly binky holder
  • pink baby doll
  • pig baby cloth
  • duck blanket
  • multi-colored baby outfit
  • blue, green, and yellow baby outfit
  • multi-colored baby outfit
  • multi-colored baby outfit
  • bear hat and diaper
  • green, white, and blue lamb blanket and pillow
  • multi-colored blanket
  • blue blanket, hat, and booties
  • pink blanket, hat, and booties
  • multi-colored mats
  • multi-colored booties
  • pink doll
  • blue train soap holder

Crocheting for a baby is one of the reasons that this hobby is a fun experience. The Oh Baby! Crochet book is a beautiful collection of patterns that includes baby fashions, like a filly dress, a christening set for a boy and a hooded gown. You will also find baby essentials such as bibs, binky holders, a bath set, booties and a nursing pillow. Almost everything you need for your little one is included in this baby crochet book. Crochet a frilly dress for a special occasion or make a crochet doll for your little one to carry around. Make bath time fun with a hooded towel or blanket to keep baby warm afterward. Bedtime becomes less of a chore with a crochet blanket and toy all in one piece. There are so many options and projects that are great for both boys and girls to wear and play with.

Oh Baby! Crochet is a book full of  items that are appropriate for infants and toddlers. This book is a must buy if you are expecting a baby. All the items will be well-loved and used once the infant is born. If you often make homemade crochet gifts to welcome a new baby, this book will give you more ideas and projects than you can handle. You can't go wrong with buying a crochet book full of baby crochet patterns. You never know when there will be a need to make something special for a little that you have or know.

This beautiful collection includes baby fashions, like a filly dress, a christening set for a boy and a hooded gown, plus baby essentials such as bibs, binky holders, a bath set, booties and a nursing pillow. 

Skill:  Easy to Intermediate

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Reviews for Oh Baby! Crochet
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Debbie Nolen from N/A on Jun 05, 2012
I bought this book and have made 5 of the projects featured in here. I have only been crocheting for 4 months! The directions were simple and well written. Everything came out beautifully! I am looking forward to making many more projects from this. Well worth the price!!