Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern

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Picture of Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
  • full length of cape
  • back of white crochet cape
  • front of button-up crochet cape
  • hood of crochet cape
  • side view of crochet cape
  • Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
  • Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
  • Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
  • Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern

Size: One size fits most.

Length (excl. Hood): About 30"(using Light Worsted Weight yarn) and about-36" (using Heavy Worsted Weight yarn).

Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn ;

Main Color – 42oz, 2100yds (1200g, 1920m)

¾” buttons - 5;

Yarn Needle;

Sewing needle and thread (for buttons).


Crochet Hook:Size H-8 (5.00mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.


Gauge: 6dc = 2"; 3 dc rows = 2"

Add some classic style to your wardrobe this winter by making the PB137 Long Hooded Cape. The pattern is perfect for either a casual or dressy occasion. All you need is a worsted weight yarn of your choice to achieve the style you desire. With one size fits most, this pattern is ideal for all body types.

Reviews for Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
5 out of 5, based on 26 reviews
Kathi from Washington on Apr 29, 2015
My cousin's daughter fell in Love with it and I told her that I would make it for her. It's finished but I haven't had the chance to get it to her yet. It's beautiful in antique teal. I'm going to make myself one, too. And I might get conned into making others. It's a great pattern.
Trisha Gelok from Canada on Apr 18, 2015
Love this pattern! It's very simple to follow. The cloaks make wonderful presents! I did my first one in pure wool. It was fun! Definitely worth the $$ to purchase this pattern.
Connie from Oregon on Feb 06, 2015
I love this pattern and will be making more in the future. I plan to make them for presents. It is an easy work up and worth the money that I paid for it. I wish that this pattern came in a child's size because I would love to make it for my daughter and her girls.
Juliette Moody from St Petersburg Florida on Jan 15, 2015
Love this pattern and this hooded cape. It does get a bit chilly here in Florida during the winter and I wanted something that was different and "coat like", this fit the bill. I get tons of complements on it when I wear it. It's an easy pattern and can be done quickly. I'm a 3X and it did fit me so if anyone is wondering it will fit them as well if you are a 3X. Lovely Lovely Lovely cape. Thanks Maggie
cathy bowman from United States on Jan 02, 2015
I made this in peacock blue for my 84 year old mother for Christmas. She had already worn it 4 times before Christmas so I am quite sure, from the look in her picture she sent me, she loves it. The pattern was easy to follow and worked up beautifully. I used Red Heart With Love yarn and I am very happy I bought this pattern. Now I have been asked to make one for my oldest daughter for her birthday in March. Thank you so much for this awesome pattern.
Laura DiFiore from United States on Jan 01, 2015
Pattern is easy to follow, although I found myself nit-picking a bit while using the pattern. Both blue and white pictures above show the buttons completely in the wrong place - they aren't using the buttonholes at all, which means it hangs a bit differently on a live person. The white picture above shows edging around the arm holes, but the pattern doesn't include any edging around the arm holes. Blue picture shows arm holes as the pattern describes (no edging).

It took me about a week to complete my cape, not including hood (haven't decided if I want to do the hood yet). I used 30 ounces of yarn (Red Heart acrylic, worsted weight), which includes a small pocket that I added onto the inside to hold my cellphone and trimming/edging around the armholes. I ended up using two colors, with some rows in a complementary color, which I thought gave it some additional visual interest (and allowed me to use up some leftover yarn!) Like others, I find the arm holes are somewhat too long (although the upper edge of them is good for me, the lower edge of the opening is too low). The only stitch count errors I found were of my own fault, so I believe that those mentioned by others previously have been fixed.

There are a number of places in the pattern where several rows in a row are virtually identical, but instead of writing it as repeat X row X times or XX-XX, they are written as several individual rows. There's no white space between the rows, a little bit would make it easier for us with older eyes to read. Also, the pattern has the "chain 3, turn" at the beginning of each row instead of at the end of each row (which is more common way to write patterns, but not necessarily a pattern-writing standard). Also, it lists abbreviations of stitches that aren't used (i.e., hdc, tr) and there's at least three typographical/grammatical errors in the page-long copyright notice. Like I said, just nitpicking some :)

Despite my nitpicking above (hey, when you pay as much for a single pattern as you often pay for an entire book, you can nitpick, right?), I very much enjoyed crocheting this. I especially liked how it pretty much self-assembles, and how I was able to check the size and "hang" of it easily as I went along.
Apollonia Lambertus from Utah on Dec 03, 2014
I love the pattern. Easy to read, but it would be nice if there was a video to follow.
Shipped to my house really fast that it was a nice surprise. :)
Kim from New Jersey on Nov 19, 2014
So far I have made two of these capes and I absolutely love them. The pattern was basically very easy, there were a few questions in the beginning so be sure to check out the pattern corrections on the web site, but overall a very easy pattern to follow. The cape is absolutely beautiful when finished. I made one for my Mother-in-Law without the hood because she always has her hair done and won't use a hood and I made one for myself with the hood and I just wore it the other day and I loved it. I am a larger person and wouldn't want it to be any smaller it felt just right. My Mother-in-Law is much smaller, but it looks great on her too, just a bit fuller. I think this pattern is great to make for a Christmas gift, maybe in some nice spring color!
Wanda from SC on Nov 17, 2014
I just finished this Hooded Cape and although it is really big on me, I love it. I'm going to make another one and try to make it smaller. The pattern was very easy to follow and I had no problems. Thanks for a great pattern.
Linda from NH on Nov 07, 2014
Easy and fun to do, directions are clear, and the results are absolutely stunning. Love it!
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