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Skill Level: Intermediate

If you have ever wanted to try the Bavarian crochet method but never knew where to start, then the Learn to do Bavarian Crochet book is for you. Bavarian crochet is a style that creates a perfect 2 round stitch and allows any color combination to work together in harmony because of its uniquely textured color overlap. The stitch is beautiful, but can be intimating if you don't where to start. You'll love the clear, detailed step-by-step instructions for 9 wonderful designs that transform squares into rectangles, triangles and circles. Designs in the Learn to do Bavarian Crochet book include afghans, a basket, a shrug, a shawl, a purse, a table runner and a hat and scarf set. The sample projects will help you get comfortable with the stitch and open your creative palette so you can continue crafting and creating crochet projects with the Bavarian crochet stitch.

Learn to do Bavarian Crochet breaks down the process to make it easy for you to learn. Each step is clearly outlined so you have move at a comfortable pace through the process. Bavarian crochet will soon be a second hand crochet technique before you know it. One you have mastered the basic steps, move into making the crochet project of your choice. Each project is beautifully designed to impress and show your creative edge. Don't stop with just the instructional portion of this book, the finished projects are what makes this technique worth learning and showing off to friends and family.

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Reviews for Learn to do Bavarian Crochet
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Tamara Kerelchuk from N/A on Apr 22, 2013
I absolutely love this book. Bavarian crochet creates such a beautiful and intricate looking result, but it's really not very difficult to accomplish. It's basically comprised of two different groupings of stitches - one row increasing followed by another row decreasing. I love patterns like this that once I get going I can put the book away and not have to tote it around with me! When my mother-in-law saw what I was working on she was blown away - she prefers knitting and said she couldn't "be bothered to count all those stitches" - I said "can you count to 4? Because that's all you need to do with this one!" Overall I'm very happy with the book and have my eye on the other Bavarian Crochet book in the catalog...