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If you are tired of crocheting plain scarves, then it is time to learn a new stitch and creating some fun crochet items. With Mary Nolfi's fresh approach in the Learn-A-Stitch book, you can create a marvelous muffler, scarves, and even a shawl, at the same time you experience the fun of learning new pattern stitches. Just think of all the original afghans, wraps, lap blankets, and bed throws you could fashion with the 22 stitches used in her 12 projects. You don't have to make just a crochet scarf with these stitches. Once learned, the crochet stitches open up a new world of design options. Plus, there are beautiful fringes, tassels, and other finishing ideas includes in the book to make all your crochet projects unique.

Learn-A-Stitch crochet book features 12 crochet scarf patttern, using 22 pattern stitches that you may have not tried before. Included in the book are: Tri-Color Larksfoot Scarf, Openwork Shawl, Star Stitch Sash, Louis XV Scarf, Veil Stitch Scarf, Single Cable Scarf, Double Cable Muffler, Basketweave Cable Edge Scarf, Friendship Ring Scarf, Floral Lattice Scarf, Gypsy Sampler Scarf and Sampler Scarf. Think of all the possibilities available to you by learning some new crochet stitches. Once you master the stitches, the patterns in the Learn-A-Stitch book make great gifts. Anyone will love the trendy and sophisticated designs. Changing the yarn color and texture opens up even more options for a truly versatile pattern book. Now is the best time to start learning some new crochet stitches and advance your skills.

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