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If you want options in a jacket pattern, the Kimberli Jacket is for you. Designed with unique stitch, this jacket can be crocheted with any appropriate hook size and yarn thickness. Don't let this beautiful jacket fool you, the stitch is not as complicated as it looks. In addition to the choice of a straight or swing shaping to the crochet jacket body, you can also choose from a narrow or wide option for a crochet lace edging. This classic, yet versatile design is a fun crochet stitch that produces easy-fitting results. With the number of options available, you can make this jacket several times with a different look each time. Kimberli Jacket creates a versatile garment that you can wear for either a dressy occasion, to work or pair it with jeans for a casual event. The open crochet work makes the Kimberli Jacket perfect for all season when you pair it with a comfortable shirt. What a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Kimberli Jacket is a top-down crochet pattern. This makes it easy to adjust the size and fit as you are working the design. Choose the trim option before starting the pattern, and then crochet from the outset to complete the desired edging. Top-down crochet has the advantage of no seams, all you need to do is weave in the yarn ends when the jacket is finished. This crochet jacket is easy to fit, with instructions for sizes Small up to 4XL. You can even make adjustments to fit this jacket to a child size. Use the bust sizing in the pattern to estimate the amount of yarn needed for the size you want to make. It is that easy to get started with this jacket. Kimberli Jacket is an intermediate crochet level and uses any size hook and yarn to get the desired look. 

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" printed pattern booklet

Skill level


Materials needed

Kimberli can be made with any yarn and appropriate hook size. Jackets shown are size S and are made with the following:

Green jacket-straight shaping, lace edging #1; made with Caron Spa weight category 3 (light worsted/DK weight) bamboo/acrylic blend, #0004 Green Sheen, 1025 yds and size I hook

Cobalt blue jacket-swing shaping, lace edging #2; made with Omega Sinfonia weight category 2 (sport weight) mercerized cotton, Azul Bey, 1100 yds and size H hook

Orchid jacket-straight shaping, lace edging #1; made with Lion Brand Cupcake weight category 4 (thick worsted weight) crinkly acrylic/nylon blend, 675 yds and size J hook

Eggplant fuzzy jacket-- straight shaping, lace edging #1 at bottom and sleeves only; made with Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair weight category 5 (bulky) mohair blend, 675 yds and size L hook

The following yarn amounts are in yards and are approximate—-yarn amounts may vary somewhat depending on custom fitting, length and options. Garment is custom-fitted and can be made to fit any size, but these sizes are given for making garments for gift-giving and as a guideline for estimating yarn amounts:


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Reviews for Kimberli Jacket
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Gabi from Texas on Nov 06, 2013
I've been looking for a while for a "lacy" but decent looking and not overly elaborate cardigan pattern to fit the Texas climate, and in "Kimberli" I found a winner.

I just finished my first Kimberli using Lionbrand Cupcake. This was my first "top-down" pattern, and it is truly amazing to see how it works. You start at the neck, and by adding "corners" from the first row on, and increase at those corners going forward, you can watch how the fronts, sleeves, and back grow all at once. Try it on often to see how it fits ... wonderful way to get it "just right" to your liking. And if you like to crochet without having to think too much, just wait until you are at underarm length, because from then on body and sleeves are just "home run" to the length that you want.

The instructions are flexible yet precise to guide you from one step to the other: "Do this, until you like the fit, then do this". Very pleasant to work.

I did get frustrated at first when working the edging on the front: It did draw up quite a bit. The pattern addresses that with a note, saying "grab the bottom corner and give it a tug to smooth out stitches". I first ignored this and finished the cardigan, but yes, the front edging draws up and looks ugly. Since everything is worked in once piece, it is hard to change anything, so in my frustration I gave the piece a really good tug, following the "I have nothing to lose" attitude, and - surprise - the whole cardigan slipped right into shape perfectly. So ... dare to tug!

The pattern indeed provides guidelines for any yarn and any size. I do recommend to read through the whole pattern before starting your work to just get an idea where this is going. This will help the planning of your project. Also, remember to work a good size swatch first, because the initial calculation for the whole sweater will depend on it.

Next I will try Kimberli on a baby sweater size, the guidelines for that are given as well. This will be a perfect pattern to use up odds and ends, or the 2-3 balls of yarn left-overs, since you can work the body and sleeves "while supplies last".