Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set

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  • crochet hook set, interchangeable head, case
  • crochet hook set, interchangeable head, case

This set features 14 steel crochet hook heads (sizes 1-14) that fit into one universal aluminum handle (equivalent in size to a G hook). The set enables the consumer to purchase the equivalent of 14 steel crochet hooks and store them in a compact, elegant carrying case fitted with individual slots for each head and for the handle. A great gift for the new or avid crochet enthusiast.

Reviews for Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Delta from In a place I live without my heart -never stop loving! on Oct 09, 2014
LET me tell you this is the best money I ever spent on anything for crochet doilies,
and a deal at any price !!!!! Doilies are what I love to crochet Best and I have steel hooks old, old ones {check this out they are so old that the cost is imprinted along with the # hook .05 - .10 + a few for .25 cent that I bought when they were new. I am old as dirt.
If you love doilies or any type of thread crochet you will buy another set {just in case } I'm not great keeping things together anymore so I bought 2 sets and the case, oh wow perfection. Thanks, Delta
Karen Gillis from N/A on Dec 29, 2012
I absolutely LOVE this set! I have4 sever arthritus in my hands and for the first time in years i can crochet with anything under G.