How To Make Tunisian Crochet

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Tunisan crochet uses a long afghan hook to pull yarn through the stitches for a durable finished crochet project. This style of crochet goes by several names, include entrelac, afghan stitch and hook knitting. The booklet "How To Make Tunisian Crochet" contains step-by-step photos and instructions for several configurations of entrelac, or Tunisan crochet. You will find patterns and designs for diamonds on point, diagonal stripes, around the world, and sunshine and shadow. Each design also includes instructions for a project, from a small potholder to full-size afghans. Use the information for each design in the How To Make Tunisian Crochet booklet to branch off and make you own Tunisan crochet projects. You will enjoy this crochet stitch and find it is useful for making many crochet items.

Tunisian Crochet is considered an intermediate crochet skill level, one you can master after becoming comfortable and proficient with the basic crochet stitches often used in beginner patterns. Start off by following the instructions in the How To Make Tunisian Crochet booklet. You can then move forward with making one of the small projects to master this new stitch. Tunisan crochet has a different style and feel that standard crochet. The projects in the book will help you become comfortable with using this crochet technique. Soon you will be making all the projects in the book, and then designing you own items. Adding a new stitch to your crochet knowledge will help you move on to other stitches that use this long hook technique.

Skill level: Intermediate.

Materials: Tunisian crochet entrelac may be worked with any yarn and appropriate hook size. Generally, best results are obtained with any type of Tunisian crochet when it's worked with a larger hook than you would use for traditional crochet with a particular yarn. The projects in this pattern were made with worsted-weight cotton yarn and size K Tunisian hook.

Tunisian crochet is normally worked with a long, straight Tunisian hook; however, since Tunisian entrelac is worked with only a few crochet stitches on the hook at a time, regular crochet hooks may be used. The technique is Tunisian-but the hook need not necessarily be a Tunisian hook. 

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