Hooded Scarves Book 2

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Picture of Hooded Scarves Book 2
  • crochet green hooded scarf
  • crochet green scarf purple shirt
  • red crochet scarf denim
  • red crochet scarf
  • crochet hooded scarf
  • white crochet scard
  • crochet multicolor scarf
  • crochet multicolor scarf
  • pink crochet scarf
  • pink crochet scarf
  • brown hooded scarf lake
  • crochet brown hooded scarf
  • purple crochet hooded scarf
  • blue crochet hooded scarf
  • purple pink cream crochet hooded scarf

Presenting a look that turns heads, these hooded scarves will bring beauty and style to your cool-weather wardrobe. You'll love how quick they are to crochet! Choose a style that complements your personality, or make several so you can always match your mood, whether you're feeling sweet, sassy, or sophisticated. They're great for gifts, too! 8 Designs: Emma, Lisa, Angelina, Lauren, Becky, Cherie, Carla, and Meghan. All for Easy skill level, 7 use Medium Weight yarn and 1 uses Bulky Weight.

Authors: Leisure Arts Inc.

Release Date: 7/10/2013

Skill Level: Easy