Holiday Goose Collection

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Picture of Holiday Goose Collection
  • Holiday Goose Collection book cover
  • witch goose
  • winter goose with green, red, and white scarf
  • pink easter goose
  • goose with pumpkin outfit
  • pilgrim goose
  • turkey goose
  • goose with red valentine outfit
  • goose with four leaf clover outfit
  • patriot goose
  • bumblebee goose
  • bride and groom geese

Fourteen exclusive Mary Maxim designs to crochet for your goose. A variety of themed outfits for all holidays.

Reviews for Holiday Goose Collection
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Cheryl from Okla on Mar 04, 2015
Just purchased this last week, and it is just what I wanted. Have already completed the bee and working on a bunny.The patterns are well written,and easy to follow. My goose will be beautifully dressed all year.
Anne Brotherson from Lodge, SC on Feb 21, 2015

Would this pattern fit pink flamingo that go in flower beds? Or could it be adapted?

Thanks for you advice,
Response from Maggie's Crochet
Feb 23, 2015
Hi Anne,
Unfortunately we are not sure - you may want to check with Mary Maxim to see if this is a possibility. :)
Suzanne from Ohio on Jul 22, 2014
Does this come in a digital format?
Response from Maggie's Crochet
Jul 23, 2014
Hi Suzanne,
Unfortunately we only have this in booklet form. We apologize for any inconvenience.
shirley esposito from Pinellas Park, FL on Jul 17, 2014
I would like to buy this book, but do you sell the goose? Or where can you purchase it? I would like to know before I buy.

Thank you
Shirley Esposito
Response from Maggie's Crochet
Jul 17, 2014
Hi Shirley,
Unfortunately we do not sell the Goose on our site. We apologize for any inconvenience.