Holiday CD Coaster Crochet Patterns

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Original Crochet Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy Crochet

Size: About 5″ diameter.

For this crochet pattern, you will need:

Materials: Yarn Needle; CD for each Coaster; Hot or Craft Glue; Sport Weight Yarn;
Valentine's Day: Red (MC): ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); White (CC): ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m);
St Patrick's Day: Orange (MC): ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); Pink (CC): ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m);
Green (G): ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m); Small amount Black (B) and Yellow (Y); Two 15 mm Moveable Eyes;
Easter: White (MC): ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); Small amount Pink (CC); Two 15 mm Moveable Eyes;
4th of July: White (MC) ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); Pink (CC) ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m);
Small amount Red (R) and Blue (B); Two 15 mm Moveable Eyes.
Halloween: Orange (MC): ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); Small amount Black (CC), Green (G) and Brown (B);
Thanksgiving: Brown (A), Green (B), Gold (C): 12 yds, 11 m; Red (D): 15 yds, 14 m;
Small amount Yellow (Y) and Tan (T); Two 5 mm Black beads;
Christmas: White (MC) ½ oz, 36 yd (14 g, 32 m); Pink (CC) ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m);
Red (R): ¼ oz, 18 yd (7 g, 16 m); Two 15 mm Moveable Eyes.

Crochet Hook: Size E-4 (3.50 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge

Holiday CD Coaster Crochet Patterns

This crochet pattern creates a set of beautiful crocheted coasters.  Coasters serve a practical purpose in the home and are always needed during the holiday season. No one wants to find a glass ring left on their wood furniture after guests have come over. This is where the Holiday CD Coasters come into the picture. It always seems like there are never enough of coasters available when you need them. Instead of being disappointed in the quality of purchased coasters, make your own crochet coasters using a CD for stability. These decorative creations absorb the dampness from a glass and never leave moisture on your furniture. The crochet stitches are simple for this crochet pattern, all you need to make are the top and bottom of the coaster and then sandwich the CD between. No one will know that you are re-purposing an old or damaged CD in the middle of the coaster. You can let them know, or keep it as your own little secret.

The Holiday CD Coasters are an easy crochet pattern to make using a sport weight yarn.  Crochet pattern includes instructions for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coasters. Even a beginner crochet level will have fun creating these holiday coasters. They are small and crochet up quickly, so you get the satisfaction of finishing a project in little time. You never have to worry about having something to keep your hands busy while traveling or sitting in a waiting room. These 5-inch-diameter circles pack up nicely and fit in a small bag. If can't get enough of these fun CD coasters, then check out the companion crochet pattern, CD Coasters Set 1..

Enjoy and review this amazing crochet pattern!

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Reviews for Holiday CD Coaster Crochet Patterns
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Cathy Milne from N/A on Apr 28, 2013
This set of coasters! The pattern is easy to follow and well worth the cost. I received the pattern as a gift from my sister after putting it on my wish list (our family members each have a list). I hope to make all of them this year before Halloween! It is a task I will enjoy.
Jennifer Chesney from N/A on Dec 20, 2012
These turn out so cute! This is the first pattern that I have purchased and it was very easy to follow.
francine leroux from N/A on Nov 20, 2008
Funny things to do and to give. I will put a needle in back and fix it on my uniform, at the job...