Halloween Ghoulies

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The Ghoulies have gathered in a barn and while they wait for the rest of the gang to meet up with them, they are discussing the route for tonight.  The Monster has decided they will make their first stop for trick or treating at the haunted house up on the hill!!!!  Mr. Candy Corn isn't too sure about that.  He usually hangs out in the candy dish, but didn't want to miss out on the fun on Halloween night.  He's still trying to smile, but his eyebrows went up a little at the mention of the haunted house.  He's just glad that he has his high top sneakers on so he can run really fast when he gets scared!!!

These are just adorable in person.  Made from worsted weight yarn; they are sure to be a hit with any child you know.  Be sure to make extras for the craft fair this Fall!!!

Skill Level: Easy

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