Gwendolyn Doll Pattern

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Crochet dolls aren't just for play toys. Make the Gwendolyn Doll Pattern as a fun decoration for your office or craft room. Gwendolyn is pure whimsy with her striped legs, entrelac skirt, fuzzy hair and pointy boots. She is the first in my new series of artistic, creative dolls from this company. Unusual crochet dolls give a sense of empowerment and happiness while crocheting them, and every time you glance her way while she is on display. Make her for a special friend, a daughter, a mother, or just for yourself. You might like the Gwendolyn Doll so much that you decide to make a second one as a gift for a close friend or family member.

Whimsy crochet dolls are pure fun to make and bring out the child in any adult. Gwendolyn will brings hours of crochet fun while making her with a worsted-weight yarn highlighted with a dash of eyelash yarn for hair. Most crocheters with a bit of experience making dolls and toys can make this doll in one day or a couple of evenings. You might even have enough worsted weight yarn in your stash to get started right away. As the sample picture shows, there are no rules when it comes to the yarn choices used for the Gwendolyn Doll Pattern. You can be simple and subdued for a realistic look, or go wild for a totally creative doll that you can call your own. Changing the colors means that you can create more than one Gwendolyn Doll and they won't look alike.

Reviews for Gwendolyn Doll Pattern
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Gwen Adams from N/A on May 15, 2013
I was so surprised to see my name on this doll, she looks like she would be great to make and have around. I love the clothes, its as if anything goes. I think I would add some clashing embroidery floss french knots to the hands as nail polish. What a conversation piece, I love her. Great job on this pattern.