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Mobius wraps, also called an infinity wrap, is an attractive crochet clothing accessory that you can wear in several styles. Gracelynn Collection Lacy Mobius Wraps offers beautiful mobius wraps made with elegant lace patterns. The circular tube shape is elegant when worn over your shoulders in the traditional mobius fashion. You can also coil the wrap around your neck for an attractive cowl fashion that keeps you warm on a cold day. Mobius wraps are perfect for every occasion, from casual to formal. Pair the wrap with a simple top and jeans to add some spice to this casual outfit. Wear a lacy mobius wrap with a dress for an elegant accessory that also keeps your shoulders warm. Crochet fashion takes on a new look when you see how many options are available with this collection of mobius wraps.

Gracelynn Collection Lacy Mobius Wraps adds fashion to your wardrobe, whether you make one or all of the designs. The wraps are made in a long strip and then sewn together. While the pattern is an intermediate skill level, the ease of making them increases once you master the stitch. These wraps can be made with any type of yarn with appropriate hook size to get the lacy effect. Experiment with yarns and start creating of exciting additions to your wardrobe. There are no size limitations with the Gracelynn Collection Lacy Mobius Wraps. You make the wrap long or short to fit the person. Mobius crochet wraps make a pretty and personal gift for anyone that appreciates the hard work you put into homemade items.

Skill level: Intermediate

Size: These designs can be made to fit any size.

Materials: Can be made with any yarn with appropriate hook size.  Items shown were made with Red Heart Soft.

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Linda Laliberte from N/A on Apr 15, 2013
It's verry pretty. I hope is easy to do. Like to make one soon.