Geometrics: A New Way To Crochet

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  • Geometrics: A New Way To Crochet book cover
  • green crochet scarf
  • multi-colored crochet square pattern shawl
  • multi-colored crochet tote
  • yellow and orange crochet wall-hanging
  • purple and black crochet star rug
  • purple, green, and orange crochet pillow
  • crocheted flower pots
  • gray and blue crochet scarf
  • pink, green, and blue crochet table mats
  • multi-colored crochet rug
  • pink and blue rectangle crochet rug
  • brown crochet rug

Gather your crochet hook and some colorful yarn, and get ready to have fun with simple geometry. Designer Ruthie Marks explores 3 mathematical concepts to create more than 25 exquisite crochet designs: Dragon Curve designs include Luxury Scarf, Diamond Shawl, Craft Tote for All Reasons, Jute Doormat, Ruffles Afghan, and Labyrinth (wall hanging); Golden Ratio designs include Golden Scarf, Summer Wall Hanging, Star Afghan, Flower Power Pillow, Puzzle Placemats, and Garden Poncho; and Fibonacci Sequence designs include Scarlet Scarf, Striped Rug, Square Baskets, Afghans and Pillows, Circles Poncho, and Checkered Rug.

Reviews for Geometrics: A New Way To Crochet
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Heather Weisenfels from N/A on May 10, 2013
I love this one! The patterns are great and I'm having a lot of fun crocheting them. I'm on my second item now. I would recommend this one to ANYONE! It's perfect for all who crochet.
Linda Gonzalez from N/A on Mar 25, 2013
Sorry it sent befor I was done. I had so much fun with this. Linda