Free Carnations Pattern

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Easy Skill

Size: About 4" across x 15" long


Materials (per flower):

Worsted weight yarn, 35 yds pink


Crochet Hook:Size G-6 (4 mm) or size required for gauge


Trimmings (per flower):

18" length 18 gauge green cloth-covered stem wire one 1 3/4" plastic calyx green florist tape


Gauge: 4 sc = 1"










single crochet(s)


half double crochet

sl st(es)

slip stitch(es)








yarn over







Rnd 1(right side): Ch 4, join with a sl st in first ch to form a ring, ch 4 (counts as an hdc and a ch-2 sp on this and following rnd), * hdc in ring, ch 2; rep from * 6 times more; join in 2nd ch of beg

ch-4: 8 ch-2 sps.

Rnd 2:Sl st in next ch-2 sp; ch 4, in same sp work (hdc, ch 2) 4 times; in each rem ch-2 sp work (hdc, ch 2) 5 times; join in 2nd ch of beg

ch-4: 40 hdc.

Rnd 3:Sl st in next ch-2 sp; ch 5 (counts as an hdc and a ch-3 lp), in same sp work (hdc, ch 3) twice; in each rem ch-2 sp work (hdc, ch 3) 3 times; join in 2nd ch of beg ch-5: 120 hdc. Finish off and weave in ends.



Step 1:Push one end of wire from wrong side to right side of flower through any ch-2 sp of Rnd 1. Fold end of wire over 3" and push back down through flower hooking folded wire around center of flower.

Step 2:Slide calyx up wire and over doubled wire end. Holding calyx tightly under flower center, wrap florist tape several times under calyx and around doubled end of wire. See diagram on floral tape package.

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Reviews for Free Carnations Pattern
4.6 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
Edith from San Antonio, Texas on Jun 26, 2014
I have made many of these using shishkabob sticks that I get in the grocery store. I paint them green and use some green felt for some leaves. They work great and I am able to stick them in green plants to give them some color. I have also used them in outside baskets and in flower boarders as they stay pretty all year. They are almost free as I use the scraps of yarn and make them in multicolors with just tying on yarn as I go. Really a fun project.
Nancy from Indiana on Apr 09, 2014
Sometimes I use the calyx off fake flowers I no longer want or have found at yard sales for crocheted flowers.
Karen from Conn. on Oct 26, 2013
Just wondering if anyone has found the plastic calyx that is needed to complete the flowers or come up with a different way to complete them.
Response from Maggie's Crochet
Oct 29, 2013
Hi Karen,
We currently sell the carnation calyx on our website. Here are links to all calyxes currently available on

I hope this helps you out!!!!!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Jen,

Thank you!
Kathleen Brandvold from N/A on Jan 14, 2012
Beautiful carnations....but in order to finish the flower the pattern says to use a plastic calyx. I have not been able to find these anywhere on the web or in craft stores. In fact, I really wanted to purchase Maggie's pattern book of other flowers, but again most of these require the plastic calyx. I find it frustrating to finish the crocheting only to be unable to complete the flower because the parts required in the pattern are unavailable. Really too bad because the patterns are beautiful
Pam Murphy from N/A on Jan 27, 2010
A definite 5 star! These are so cute and I love 'em. Thanks for sharing!
Chris Ladusau from N/A on Feb 28, 2009
I am blown away that these carnations are crocheted. I can only hope that I get half this good at crocheting some day!
Teresa M. Kitchen from N/A on Feb 17, 2009
When I came to your website I could not believe how the variety of crochet patterns that not everyone else on the web has.