Four Seasons CD Coasters Crochet Pattern

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  • Four Seasons CD Coasters
  • Sailboat cd coaster
  • Bird House Cd Coaster
  • Fall Leaves Cd Coaster
  • Scarecrow Cd Coaster
  • Snowflake Cd Coaster
  • Snowman Cd Coaster
  • Sun Cd Coaster
  • Multicolored tulips Cd Coaster

Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Coasters fit over a CD.

Materials: Glue; Yarn Needle; Sport Weight Yarn:
Tulip: White - ½ oz, 36 yd; Green - 4 yd; Hot Pink, Light Pink, and Yellow - 2 yd each.
Bird House: White - ½ oz, 36 yd; Green - ¼ oz, 18 yd; Dark Blue - ¼ oz, 18 yd;
Yellow - 2 yd; Light Blue - 4 yd; Pink - 6 yd.
Sun: Yellow - ½ oz, 36 yd; Light Yellow - ¼ oz, 18 yd; Black - 4 yd.
Sail Boat: Light Blue - ½ oz, 36 yd; Dark Blue - ¼ oz, 18 yd; White - ¼ oz, 18 yd; Red - 4 yd.
Fall Leaves: Off-white - ½ oz, 36 yd; Brown, Burgundy, and Gold - 5 yd each.
Scarecrow: Beige - ½ oz, 36 yd; Blue Grey - ¼ oz, 18 yd; Brown - 4 yd; Burgundy - 3 yd; Black - 2 yd.
Snowman: White - ½ oz, 36 yd; Black - ¼ oz, 18 yd; Orange - 3 yd; Blue - 3 yd.
Snowflake: Blue - ½ oz, 36 yd; White - ½ oz, 36 yd.

Crochet Hook: Size F-5 (3.75 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Four Seasons CD Coasters Crochet Pattern

It is never a good time when you find a water ring on your nice wood table. If only you had a coaster to place that glass on and prevent the water stain. Make a whole set of crochet coasters using the Four Seasons CD Crochet Pattern Coasters set. With this set of eight coasters, you will never have to worry about glass rings again. Be prepared for fair and foul weather friends alike with these delightful coasters. Each has a playful and cheery scene sure to brighten up any room. There are two to represent each of the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four Seasons CD Coasters Crochet Pattern includes instructions for Tulip, Birdhouse, Sun, Sailboat, Fall Leaves, Scarecrow, Snowman and Snowflake. Crochet the fun designs with an old CD placed between the crochet layers. This keeps the coaster rigid and prevents water from seeping through.

Four Seasons CD Coasters Crochet Pattern is an easy crochet project that is perfect for all skill levels. Instead of throwing away old or damaged CD's, use them to make coasters. You will always have a place to set your cup with all these coaster options to make. The seasonal designs are made using a sport weight yarn and one CD for each coaster. These coasters are so easy and fun to make that you will want to stitch up as many as you can. Use them around your home, at your office and give them as gifts. Don't forget the CD Coasters 1 and Holiday CD Coasters to complete the collection.

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