Favrielle Doll Pattern

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Crochet a fun doll for a Halloween or fall season decoration with the Favrielle Doll Pattern. Autumn is Favrielle's favorite season and she is waiting for someone to crochet her so she can sit out on display. Favrielle also makes a cute crochet doll toy that a little girl will love to carry around this fall. She's easy to pose, and can sit and cross her legs. This of all the positions she can be molded into while sitting on a mantle or table. You can even change her look everyday to make it look like she is getting into mischief while people are away. Favrielle is a wonderful whimsical addition to doll collectors of all ages.

The Favrielle Doll Pattern is fun to make with worsted-weight acrylic yarn. Use a touch of Fun Fur for her hair to add texture and give this cute crochet doll some life. Crochet toys and decorations are fun to make when you get tired of making a large or intricate crochet project. Favrielle has a finished size of about 22 inches. There is no hiding her with this size. She is sure to stand out and demand to be noticed this fall holiday season. I am sure she will even want to taken along while trick-or-treating with one of your children. Whether you choose to use Favrielle as a holiday decoration or crochet toy, she is sure to bring some delight in your life. Make sure you get her done in time to have some fun with you with year.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 22" tall.

Reviews for Favrielle Doll Pattern
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Joyce Wilson from N/A on Nov 10, 2011
I have made her in four different color schemes, and EVERY TIME I make her someone asks for her, and I always say yes, now I am in the processes as we speak of making her in greens and tangerines for MEEEEEEEE, she is ONLY MINE. I love this doll, she is soooo much fun to make. I even made her with a giggle box in her tummy.!!!!!!!!
Joyce Wilson from N/A on Nov 10, 2011
I have made her four times in different colors schemes,and everyone falls in love with her, I give them away, I am now making one in greens, and tangerines, this one is for MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I love her.