Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet

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  • Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet
  • Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet
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  • shaded pink doll outfit with purse

Watch Maggie review this cute Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet!

Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet

Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet lets you mix and match twenty different crochet  designs to come up with plenty of crocheted outfits for your 11-1/2 inch fashion doll. Your little girl will be thrilled to see all the new crocheted designs you are going to create. Play time just became more interesting. She will stay busy for hours dressing and changing outfits on her dolls. The stories she comes up with will be priceless to hear and it is all because she has new crochet doll clothing to play with. Designs in the Fashion Doll Wardrobe crochet Pattern Leaflet include: Ripple Dress & Shawl, Poncho & Bell Bottoms, Business Suit, Long Dress, Capri Pants Set, Mini Skirt & Halter and Shorts Set.

Fashion Doll Wardrobe Crochet Pattern Leaflet are easy to make in sport weight yarn. Any girl that likes to play with 11-1/2 inch dolls will love to have all the crocheted fashions included in this booklet. The lightweight yarn keeps the crochet outfits on a small scale so they fit properly without being too bulky. Mix and match the clothing items and colors to create a wide variety of full outfits for your little girl. Soon she will have so many crochet clothing items for her doll wardrobe that she won't know what to do with all of them. The Fashion Doll Wardrobe Patterns make a great gift for children, grandchildren and friends that like to play with dolls. Theses are small crochet items and don't require much yarn for each item. Dig into your yarn piles and get started right away.

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Sue Clark from Fort Myers, Fl on Mar 16, 2016
I am having more fun than a barrel of monkeys making these outfits for my granddaughter. As I have stated in other patterns here I have reviewed, I am somewhat of a novice crocheter, self- taught and still in the process of learning as I go. These were my first attempts at garment shaping; I am very pleased at how simple yet satisfying they are to make. I haven't finished them all yet, about half done. They are so cute made up!! FYI For other novice crocheters I have been using either patons grace or omega sinfonia for all the outfits ( my first use of both yarns). I didn't think I would like working with cotton, but those two yarns have totally changed my mind. Don't hesitate to buy this for your special little someone; they are easy to take on and off and Will be a great heirloom for her!!