Enchanted Bride Pattern Leaflet

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  • Enchanted Bride Pattern Leaflet
  • Enchanted Bride Pattern Leaflet

Enchanted Bride Pattern

Spring is fast approaching and that means the wedding season will soon be here. Stunning only begins to describe the Enchanted Bride Pattern. This Victorian style bridal gown is an elegant crochet doll dress.. Be sure to make this one of a kind decoration for an upcoming wedding or as a gift to a bride-to-be. The lavish Enchanted Bride Pattern Leaflet includes directions for the dress, veil and train. Place this beautiful dress on a doll that looks like the bride for a gift or decoration that you can't buy in stores. The dress will knock your socks off with the delicate stitches and intricate designs that give this wedding set an elegant and lacy appearance. Set the finishing bride on the cake table or registry table at the wedding reception to show off the intricate wedding crochet work to all the guests.

The Enchanted Bride Pattern is worked using #10 crochet cotton thread. Take your time and enjoy the process of crocheting this fine thread work project. Amazement is sure to set in during the transformation of this elegant dress from thread to a finished wedding gown. Just wait until you see the finished project once it is on the doll of your choice. It is sure to take your breath away and make you wonder how thread transforms into such a beautiful crochet dress. You are sure to hear plenty of compliments when the guests see the beautiful crochet work you did on the Enchanted Bride Wedding Dress.

Reviews for Enchanted Bride Pattern Leaflet
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Anne Hansen from Fort Myers, Florida on Nov 16, 2014
I just made this gorgeous bride's dress for a friend. It was spectacular. I created a round rose and pearl bridal bouquet for it but everything else I left as the pattern calls for. One error I found was there was no mention of how much lace trim to buy for the veil. I recommend this pattern highly. Only wish I could send you a photo of my finished dress.
Mary from York, PA on Oct 30, 2013
This gown was made in 1999 and received a lot of compliments. Today it is in need of repair as the mouse had a field day. (They live on a farm) It worked up beautifully. Now to find the pattern :) Thank you Maggie for such a lovely brides gown.
Willis Carter from N/A on Mar 29, 2013
Every crocheter should attempt to do a crochet brides dress, it allows you to open your creativites and once completed be proud and display for everyone to see. I would not want to do a human size wedding dress by hand or give my $$ estimate to bride to be.