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Picture of Dishcloths
  • Dishcloths book cover
  • multi-colored dishcloths
  • green and white dishcloth
  • blue and pink flower dishcloths
  • red, blue, and brown dishcloths
  • multi-colored dishcloths
  • white, blue and red dishcloths
  • blue, yellow, and green circular dishcloths
  • blue and gray dishcloth
  • multi-colored dishcloths

Quick and colorful, dishcloths are a practical and useful project for every skill level. They are perfect for gifts and will brighten up any kitchen. Whether it's the granny or the strip, the diagonal or the basic, with so many styles to choose from you are certain to find just the right match. All 11 designs are crocheted using medium weight all-cotton yarn and Easy skills.