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Do you have a lot of crochet hooks and no where to keep them safe and in one place? If this is the case, then you need to make the Crochet Hook Caddy. Crochet a creative fold-out crochet hook holder that holds an entire hook collection from small steel hooks to size Q. The included scissors fob keeps scissors handy, while a pocket holds a tape measure, stitch markers and other accessories. The whole thing folds up and buttons together into a case resembling a beautiful purse with roses and leaves on the flap. There is nothing cuter than the Crochet Hook Caddy to hold all your crocheting supplies. This case makes it easy to travel with your crochet projects. There is never a worry about where to find the hooks and accessories.

Crochet Hook Caddy is made with worsted weight cottons, acrylics or blends with a sprinkling of novelty yarn scraps (optional) on flap. Make this caddy with a simple appearance, or jazz it up with edging and flower embellishments. Use yarn colors that fit your personality and make you feel good about using the case on a regular basis. Crochet more than one Crochet Hook Caddy if you have multiple sets of hooks. A hook case that you like will make it more likely that you will use it for the correct reason. There is no better place to keep your hooks than in a case that keeps them all together. The worst thing that can happen is wanting to crochet a new pattern and being unable to located the correct size of hook. This case ends the problem of losing your crochet hooks.

Open case is about 15" x 15"; closed case is about 6" x 8".

Skill level: Intermediate

Acrylic, cotton, or cotton-acrylic blend worsted-weight yarn in four colors. Item shown is made with 100% cotton yarn including 3 oz. aqua, 2 oz. each pink and rose, and small amount blue.

Scraps of worsted-weight and novelty for trims

Size D and G crochet hooks

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