Crochet Baby Afghans By The Pound

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Just as babies' weights are recorded for posterity, in Crochet Baby Afghans by the Pound by Jean Leinhauser, the amounts of yarn needed for all ten blankets is given in pounds--based upon the popular 16-ounce skeins now available. The designs offer plenty of variety, from delicate lace to thick textures, as well as light to bright colors.

Afghans include: Rosy Outlook, Bright Popcorns, Minty Fresh, Summer Sunflowers, Blue Skies, Pink Princess, Climbing Clusters, Peppermint Twist, Red Roses for a Sweet Baby, and Lacy Circle

Reviews for Crochet Baby Afghans By The Pound
3 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Cynthia Peterson from N/A on Mar 14, 2013
I must admit to being disappointed with this book. I found the patterns quite repetitive and boring. Certainly the patterns are easy but they also are not very pretty. Maggie offers much better baby afghan books!