Aran Afghans to Crochet

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If you love the romantic look of Aran pattern stitches, the Aran Afghans to Crochet collection is a must have for your pattern library. Bonnie Marie Barker presents five full-size sampler afghans in this delightful book of crochet afghans. While Aran patterns are often made with traditional natural colors, you can make these afghans in a colors that fits your decor. To help you choose colors for your afghans, the book shows the stitch patterns in a few popular hues: traditional aran as well as winter white, sage green, autumn orange, and tan. Create these beautiful crochet afghans for gifts, home decor or simply to enjoy for yourself. These lovely textures will yield a lifetime of warmth and beauty.

Aran Afghans to Crochet features popular Aran pattern stitches that include: Cable, Arrow, Low Ridge Front, Low Ridge Back, Fisherman Popcorn, Celtic Weave, Shadowbox, Basket weave, Diamond Pattern, Popcorn Diamond, and Celtic Diamond. Pick one of the five afghans that catches your eye and begin making the beautiful crochet blankets. You will want to make all five afghans after finishing the first. These afghans are not only beautiful, but they are fun to crochet. You will want to make them all to use in your home. Aran Afghans will add a touch of class to any room that gets one of these as part of their decor. One of the benefits to the Aran Afghans to Crochet book is the assistance it gives with picking out the yarn color that will fit your needs the best and look nice with these crochet stitches.

Reviews for Aran Afghans to Crochet
4.5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Carol from Willoughby, OH on Nov 11, 2014
I made one of these (I think it was the one shone in red). I found it quite challenging Also, the finished afghan seemed really heavy to me. With all the stitches that require crossing yarn over yarn you use up a lot of yarn. It's very rich looking and good to look at but we don't use it much.
Betty Crooks from Texas on Mar 08, 2014
Just finished my first afghan from this book (the cover afghan) and it is simply gorgeous. I ran just a bit short on the amount of yarn recommended as I crochet very loosely so you might order an extra skein just to be safe. I can't wait to try some of Bonnie's other beautiful designs.
Marcia Johnston from Palmyra, Maine on Mar 08, 2014
I just love this booklet. I love the looks of Aran Afghans and these patterns are very easy to follow. I have made 2 of these so far. One I gave away as a Christmas gift and when that person opened it, the surprise and joy that lit her face was all the thank you I needed. I like to be challenged when I am crocheting and it is so much fun to see these designs emerge as you are working them. And just as you are starting to get a little tired of the same pattern the pattern changes. I am known by my family for making everyone afghans, and these are some they can treasure for years. I hope I can win so I can buy more yarn for my next project.
Genna Bender from N/A on Apr 19, 2013
These patterns are beautiful, easy to follow, and adaptable to other projects. I have always wanted to use designs like these but only ever see them for knitting. Thank you