Amigurumi Little Friends Pattern

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Amigurumi is a type of crochet for making little toys or figures using basic crochet stitches. Called "amigurumi" in Japan, the translation "knitted doll", these little crocheted animals and dolls have become a favorite of collectors worldwide. Amigurumi Little Friends Pattern is a fun group of figures that includes Bridgette Bear, Cattarina Ballerina, Malcolm Mouse, Felicia Firefly, Karla Koala, Florian Frog and Bailey Beagle. Each figure ranges in size from about 3 inches tall to 4-1/2 inches tall. Each of these figures has a kid friendly look and feel that makes them fun to play with. The little friends are the perfect size to tuck in a pocket for play time, or as a display piece for a shelf.

Amigurumi Little Friends Pattern offers seven cute designs that are perfect for children. Crochet toys like these are durable and easy to clean when life's messes have their way with them. One of the benefits of Amigurumi toys is they small in size so they are easy to take with you on a trip or local outing. Kids will love the bright colors found with these figures. Crochet this group of little friends with scraps of worsted-weight yarn from your yarn stash. Amigurumi figures don't require a large amount of yarn, so they are good stash and scrap buster crochet projects. Amigurumi Little Friends Pattern use basic crochet stitches and are easy crochet projects for all levels. Who wouldn't want to grab this pattern and start making these little friends right away.

Skill Level:Easy.

Size:3" to 4 1/2" tall

Safety Notice - Buttons and small parts can be a hazard to small children. To be safe, all animals intended for use as toys should have embroidered eyes.

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