Amigurumi in the Garden Pattern

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Amigurumi crochet produces sweet little figures that are fun to play with or set out for decoration. Amigurumi in the Garden Pattern holds true to this cute concept with spring-inspired designs. This springtime fresh amigurumi collection features three "Flower Girls" in the shape of a Daisy, Rose and Sunflower. You will also find a Garden Gnome, Mushroom, Dragonfly, Ladybug and Monarch Butterfly to complete the collection. Each piece ranges in size from 3-1/4 inches to 7 inches tall. Small enough to fit in your pocket or a little purse. These cute flower figures are perfect for small gifts and cute decorations. They are also creative enough to be a delightful addition to any amigurumi collection.

Amigurumi in the Garden Pattern are an easy crochet technique that all skill levels will find fun to make. The patterns and figure designs use basic crochet stitches, along with increases and decreases. All you need is some worsted weight yarn and crochet hook to get started making your own crochet amigurumi flower garden figures. The small sizes do not require much yarn, so dig into your leftover stash and start making these adorable little crochet toys right away. You will be amazed at how quickly they stitch up. Amigurumi is a fun way to take a break from a difficult or large crochet project. Once you make one little figure, you will be hooked into making more. Soon you will be crocheting amigurumi figures and toys for everyone one you know. They make great gifts for children and adults.

Size: 3" to 4 1/2" tall.

Reviews for Amigurumi in the Garden Pattern
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Kathy Bartholomew from N/A on Feb 15, 2010
love this booklet...the instructions are easy to read and follow. The flowers finished design are exactly what the picture shows. The mushroom was so easy and FAST to make.