Afghans For All Seasons

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  • Afghans For All Seasons book cover
  • white pattern afghan
  • multi-colored square afghan
  • cream colored afghan
  • pink afghan with white flowers
  • white, red, and black ladybug afghan
  • green and pink afghan
  • white afghan with purple flower design
  • brown afghan
  • red and green afghan with ruffles
  • blue, white, and black afghan
  • multi-colored afghan
  • blue and black square patterned afghan

Both experienced crocheters and enthusiastic beginners will adore this new volume of Afghans For All Seasons, which features a selection of wraps for each month of the year. Step-by-step instructions and color photography will help ensure success.

Reviews for Afghans For All Seasons
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Cynthia Peterson from N/A on Mar 14, 2013
This 130 page book contains over 40 patterns -- each unique. The instructions are clear and detailed and the color photographs are superb. Whether you are making something for a baby or for your summer cottage or for your living room you will found plenty of choices here.
Linda Stearns from N/A on Apr 25, 2012
This book has the most beautiful afghans! There are so many wonderful afghans that I don't know where to start! I have numerous crochet books, many of afghans, but none compare to this book. So very glad I bought it!!