50 Ripple Stitches

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There is no longer a reason to make a simple ripple stitch. The 50 Ripple Stitches book changes everything and gives you 50 creative options for making anything from small baby blankets to larger afghans or throws. The options are endless with so many types of ripples available. You can choose your yarn weight and hook size for any of these 50 ripple stitch patterns. The designs range from easy to advanced, and from open lacy stitches to solid textured. Crocheting a ripple has turned from ordinary to out-of-this-world fun. The ripples you make won't even look like the simple version that most crocheters know. You will never what to make the plain ripple crochet stitch again once your world opens up to so many knew options that will make your work stand out.

The 50 Ripple Stitches book is a must have reference for your crochet library. Grab some yarn from your stash and make some sample swatches to see which ripples are your favorite. Make the swatches into squares and you can piece them together into a crochet afghan. Your sampler afghan can also be your visual guide for the favorite ripples found in this comprehensive book of crochet designs. A book with 50 ripple variations will give you more options than you thought existed. Ripples transform into lace, stripes and even designs with floral embellishments. Use the crochet designs found in the 50 Ripple Stitches book to design you own crochet afghans and blankets, or even clothing and household items.

Skill Level : Easy to Intermediate



Reviews for 50 Ripple Stitches
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jann C from South Carolina on Aug 15, 2013
I bought this book a while back and absolutely LOVE the patterns in it. I think I may make a small square of each pattern and put them together for an afghan. I'd hate to have to wait till I had the yarn to do a full afghan of each pattern. I'm too impatient for that LOL.. they are all gorgeous and the instructions are well written.
Sherri Kessler from N/A on Mar 25, 2013
I own this pattern book and Love It! There are so many beautiful ripple patterns to choose from!...they range from beginner to advanced. I made the Wave afghan for my daughter for Christmas this past year & she loved it. You will not regret adding this book to your pattern collection.