24 Hour Baby Afghans

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  • 24 Hour Baby Afghans book cover
  • white crochet baby afghan
  • multi-colored heart crochet baby afghan
  • multi-colored crochet baby afghan
  • multi-colored crochet baby afghan
  • blue, white, and yellow sea-themed crochet baby rug
  • green crochet baby afghan
  • purple crochet baby afghan

It takes nine months to make a baby -- but in just 24 hours of crocheting you can make a cozy afghan to welcome that sweet child into its new world.  How you arrange those 24 hours is up to you, but you'll be thrilled with any of these 16 wraps.  Styles range from casual to elegant, and shapes include round, hexagon, square, and oblong. 

This book includes 16 designs.

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