108 Crochet Cluster Stitches

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If you like crochet with plenty of unique texture, then the inspiration for your next project awaits in this collection of 108 beautiful cluster stitches by Darla Sims. Let these patterns capture your imagination as you use them to design your own afghans, place mats, pillows, shawls--whatever you can envision. Change yarn weight and hook size to get a wide range of results. Easy instructions in the book tell how to plan an afghan using any of the pattern stitches. With so many lovely patterns and designs included in this comprehensive book of cluster crochet stitches, the possibilities are limitless. You will have so many ideas and options for crochet patterns to keep busy for a long time. Stitch up samples of each design in the 108 Crochet Cluster Stitches book, or just your favorite one. Then all you need to do is sew them together to make a crochet sampler afghan.

The 108 Crochet Cluster Stitches includes 108 different pattern stitches. Some included in the book are Benevolence, Italian Lace, Nuance, Wrap Stitch, Sidewinder, Intrigue, Wavelets, Daisies Galore, Stained Glass, Offset Diamonds, and more. Changing the hook and yarn allows you to custom create your own patterns using these stitches. Make crochet afghans, clothing and accessories with any of the stitches in this book. With so many stitch options, the fun won't end. Explore and create using the instructions and patterns in the 108 Crochet Cluster Stitches book. Open up a world of fun crochet designs and and projects that you will enjoy making.

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